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Galileo's Compass: Drawn for Galileo's Glassworks: The Telescope and the Mirror by Prof. Eileen Adair Reeves of Princeton University. This shows the instrument, designed by Galileo, which is considered to be a precursor of the slide rule.

Drawn in Adobe Illustrator.





Exploded view of a cricket's acoustic trachea, part of the cricket's hearing apparatus. Drawn for Dr. Jayne Yack, Carleton University.

Drawn in Adobe Illustrator.


Botanical plate of Hasseltia allenii; drawn from a dried, pressed botanical specimen.

Drawn in Adobe Illustrator.


Invasive haustorium: Drawn for the book Genes in Conflict, by Austin Burt & Robert Trivers, Harvard University Press 2006

Drawn in Adobe Illustrator.


Head of a Strepsipteran Fly. Drawn for Dr. Elke Bombeck, University of Cincinnati.

Pen and ink on mylar film.

bee map

Map showing locations of Honey Bee hives in woods near Ithaca NY; for a long term project by Dr. Thomas Seeley of Cornell University.

Drawn in Adobe Illustrator.

bees on comb

Honey Bee executing a waggle dance on the comb, with follower bees. Drawn for the book SuperOrganism, E. O. Wilson & Bert Hölldobler, W. Norton Publishing in press

Drawn in Adobe Illustrator.


Knots theoretical and real: Drawn for the book Knots, by Alexei Sossinsky. Harvard University Press, 2002

Drawn in Adobe Illustrator.

midshipman pair

Pair of Midshipman fish, Porichthys notatus, guarding a clutch of embryos. Drawn for Professor Andrew Bass of Cornell University.

Drawn in Adobe Illustrator.